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wedding doo observations

Last night we went to a wedding reception in a very posh hotel in the country,everything was going to be "just so" the building was fine and grand, the guests and newly weds were all dressed impeccably and the nibbles were eleganty presented.

But here is the nub, it was dire, there was no "party" atmos and I'm not talking about "beery comraderie" here. There was just nothing,the nice singer sang her muzak nicely,but it was too quite and strange. more like a wake.

So the moral of the story is "money cant always bring fun" When I married EX (asked,planned and done in 3 weeks) I just hired a big room at the local cricket club, stuck a poster on the wall at my work saying "I'm getting married, come and bring your wives/girlfriends" and they all turned up. which was nice. and we all had a crackin night (my mum was trying to snog the caterer all night but thats my mum for you).

No fancy invites,just lots of people that I was pleased to see.

(ex invited relatives who all sat in a corner looking a little shell shocked, I dont think they were used to mingling with the proles).

I reckon when me and K get wed we will have to go find the middle ground.To be frank ( i do really rubbish impersonations of frank) I'm looking forward to being married to K but the actual ceremony bit I can do anywhere,Its the being not the getting thats the icing on the cake for me.

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