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"theres no butter"

My car is deaded,its old 5 years old but its engine is seriously flummoxed, So It would cost more to mend than the car is worth, my first reaction was to take it to a lonely place,torch the bastard then claim the insurance but K has put me off that.

SoI'm going to take it to the auctions tomorrow and try and get back at least the cost of the repairs I paid for this week, but not the cost of the 4 new tyres I put on it last month.

and I would like to add, poo bum arse and shite! coz I'm a bit cross.

cars are toss, I might do some serious thinking this weekiend and finally come up with the solution to teleporting.It would be much easier and has the potential to rob every pub/work bore of the power of speech. After all if they cant blather on about whether its a GTI/21 valve twin sprongle twangerooony what will they talk about.

Instant anywhere plus silent fuckwits,double whammy!

I have a love/hate thing with instant anywhere,afterall imagine slogging up to the summit of everest to find a macdonalds, the gods of cholmalungma would be dischuffed and I wouldnt be best pleased either.

but nipping to see the sun set in the maldives would be cool.

my likkle girl is of off to do her "work experience placement" next week, they have bunged here in a cheapo clothes shop, so she is currently practising putting clothes on hangers. This is one of the things that my clever girly cant master. the other one is "opening a door with a key" no idea why but she has always struggled with this. Do you know that look of total surprise and dismay that your children give you when you ask if they cleaned their teeth in the morning,that look that always happens even though they do it EVERY single day of their lives? well its like that.

The front door quandry is as fresh and new to Boo each day as if she had never tried it before.

I personally cant find things in cupboards or fridges. I sequentially scan each shelf in turn, and to make double sure I move my lips to silently inventory each article before proclaiming loudly to K that there is no butter/jam/whatever only to have her reach past my head and produce the thing that doesnt exist like a rabbit from a hat.


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