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well it set me to thinking..

ok, now this entry is largly stolen, not the content but the themes,I shall give credit where its due and try not to upset anyone, but hey lets pretend this is a conversation down the pub, one person starts and the rest chip in, think of like that and then I look less like the plageristic diary whore I really am...

I just read la-the-sage's entry bout sex which got me to reading nightdragon's entry. So here is the puppetts sex life history.

When I married EX she wanted sex but it had one purpose to make a baby,once we had one it STOPPED, then after 9 months I grabbed a quick chance and guess what... that made baby 2. my first jump since baby1 was created made baby 2.. I am (and I've never got to use this word in a dairy entry before) FECUND!

Anyway I was granted sex about once every 2 years after that,and not wishing to sound mean, it was like having sex with an ironing board,in the dark with only me moving or wanting it, that was worse than no sex, afterwards I felt horrid and empty inside.

for about the last 5 years I was denied any kisses or cuddles either, but I didnt go out and cheat I just lived with it. and I never did go blind.

So then I met K who to honest wasnt dealt much of a hand to start with, I though I was rubbish and she was patient and loving and put me back together, and then we went at it like bunnies.

Now I know that K has a bigger sex drive than me and would gladly get a wriggle on, on a daily basis, and when I'm pooped after a 60 odd hours week I just wanna go sleep so she has to wait a while, but here is the thing, to this day (nearly 5 years in) when we make love its awesome,its intense and wild

and I cant imagine any way it could be any better.

going to make more tea now...

kitchenlogic had a scary bit in todays entry about being attacked by a rapist (she got away).

So here is my list of violent stuff I have been subjected to as an adult.not the "you looking at my bird" posturing from beer fuelled wankers but stuff with fists.

1,aged 16 walking down a road towards 2 blokes as we passed one of them twatted me hard on the nose.

result= me on floor broken nose,out of game.

2,aged 19 sat outside pub on little 18 inch high wall eating chips (ok usa peeps fries)approached by lead tosser of a gang of 8 or 9 15 year old tossers.

tosser "giz yer fucking chips"

me "get fucked"

result= tosser kicked me in the face so I went over the wall backwards then I got stamped on and severly kicked by a gang of little bastards, I held tightly on to one of them and had a good go at reducing his face to mush.

3, aged 20 a HUGE fight on the top deck of a double decker bus, it was the 3:00am last bus on a saturday night from manchester. My overwhelming memory is the bus conductor wrapping the leather strap of his ticket machine tight around his wrist before leaping into the fray with a demented look on his face which I didnt see again until "begbie" appeared in the filum "trainspotting".

The bus drove straight to the police station so that the police could come and play too, then the bus was emptied and everyone who wasnt arrested had to walk the 6 miles home.

4 aged 23, this is a story about the british bobby..I went with my cousin for a beer in a posh bit of town called Wilmslow. then the last train home was cancelled so we started on the 6 mile walk home. A police car stopped by us and when he asked where we were from (the rough part of town, think they are called "projects" in the US) he put us in the car and took us back to the station, where for the next 3 hours I was bounced off walls, thrown over tables and generally roughed up for the crime of going somewhere nice for a pint.

then we were told get walking home and not come back.

We walked 5 and a half miles before the same police car picked us up again... he then drove us back to the police station that we had left and told us to start walking again.. how we laughed...

So dont beleive everything you hear about the "british bobby" being like PC plod, some are violent power crazed bastards.

Coo that was a long update..

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