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Mr Mc work makes it to 40!

Sold my rotten car,I am a pedestrian!

Last night we went over the hills to meet all my old gasman chums for a meal to celebrate my friends 40th. THis mate has been so screwed up and uptight for years (never had a girlfriend still a virgin we think) that he was seriously talking about killing himself soon.and guess what? he has found himself a widderwoman! he was sat with her last night holding hands and looking really chilled! its great! he might get to be happy for once in his life, he deserves to be happy coz he is a good egg.

and we all had a really nice time.

There is some baggage attached but as I told him, you dont get to 40 without a big pile of stuff behind you.

She has 3 kids so my only advice was to go slowly.

I've just shuffled round the market looking at old second hand tat and escaped without buying anything,, todays prime tat example for sale was.. a pair of binoculars without any lenses, useful!

Time for an old gasman story it a bit tasteless but thats me for ya, (should amuse Mr Mike sage too)

So we were working in a BIG old victorian house that was converted into shoddy little flats, we had the keys for them all and were servicing the gas fires for the landlord.

I went into one flat to find that on the bed was a fully inflated plastic woman sex doll.

It was made of the same stuff they make beach balls out of (sexy hey?) and was dressed, it had on a mini skirt stockings and a bra.

This amused me lots so I went to get my boss, he thought she had nice legs.

So the next thing I knew he was fishing about in my tool box and produced a tube of "graphite grease" this is thick black shitty grease that wont wash off easily and is used on gas taps.

he then emptied the tube into "Oral Noras" chuff, (sorry have no polite volcabulary for womens "girlie bits")

the whole tube right up her flue.

Now picture sad mans face after he got home feeling hot and horny.....then looking down to find his tackle looked like it had had a door slammed on it.

As the boss said "he aint gonna phone up and complain"

So that ends todays tacky story, tomorrow will be genital free I promise!

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