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Weekend at work

new piccy on my profile, its my eyebobble!

So yeah, I sold my car. Its weird but I'm rather pleased. It feels like a slight weight off my shoulders, another step in my quest to lose all responsibility. no tax,no petrol,no MOT,no insurance. I'm free of all these things.

for a while.

I'm one step nearer to materialistic nirvana. I now possess no items of any monetary value. I have nothing that I could sell for more than 80.

I have my tools,my toys and some cheap clothes. The scottish place is in my mums name ( keeps Ex's away from it).

I'm not quite the modern day monk but its mildly amusing, in the 4 years me and K have been together all the money we have spent has on been doing things not buying things. this is much more fun.

Prior to splitting with Ex I had a some dosh stashed away in the bank but it gave me no pleasure at all, the saving for a rainy day bit was no consolation either as I tend to work on the "carpe Diem" principle.

Plus I have always had a secret money fairy, Should I really really need money, it just kind of appears from somewhere, the money fairy has been less active recently as I seem to have traded it for lots of love and cuddles, this seems fair enough to me.

you cant have everything and in the scheme of things love and laughter will always win.

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