PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... glad its over for another week

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bathrooms and heating

todays observations.

we have 26 bottles of stuff to put on hair in the bathroom.I use one.

having no car makes life a little slower.which is nice.

I've been poking around the net and have found a place that will set me up as a limited company for a small fee. now here is the fun bit,I need to come up with a name for it. the name must end in LTD and not be used by anyone else. I'm after suggestions for my heating and plumbing repair/maintainance/installation company.

So a prize for the best suggestion!!!!! I will let Y'all into a big secret, my name isnt Puppett at all, Its Duncan. Or more usually Dunc. which I would like in the company name somewhere.

So I have a bottle ready for shipping, get your fertile dland minds in action and name that goon!Its not gonna be a Bill Gates type of company, more Ben & Jerrys.

And you can hold the "bodgit & scarper" names coz I think I've heard um already!

ok get typing!!!!!!!!!!

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