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cars and bags

I've just been for a walk to the car auction place, my measly cheque came this morning and the blaggards had taken their fee off me twice, so a quick phone call and a long walk has resulted in a new cheque being collected.

My legs were tired so I though I would hop on a bus to town, there was a woman at the bus stop with a large handbag on the floor next to her, the bag must have been heavy (full to bursting with "ready to trowel"cosmetics by the look of her) because it took a sort of "clean and jerk" type of manouver to lift it to her shoulder.

When she tried to do this though her hand slipped from the strap. This resulted in her hand carrying on in the same direction (newtons first law I believe) and she punched herself smack on the nose and knocked her glasses to the side of her head in comedy mode.

The poor woman was torn between pretending nothing had happened coz she looked an arse,and boo hooing coz it hurt. I remained impassive (I'm english dont you know).

My ikkle girly has got herself a sunday job in woolies, yae! piles of wonga for Boo!

K is snuggled p in bed, she is poorly and looks all ill with no sparkle in her eyes. So I just took here some soup up because poorly people need soup, My mum always made me soup and who am I to thwart a tradition.

I saw some graffti carved into a wooden bench at a railway station in about 1980. It said

"bloop bloop tomato soup"

And I have been intrigued with this ever since, what does it mean?

It has a pleasing rhythem, try it out loud.

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