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grrrrr! 2

i'm in a shitty mood, went to bed at 08:00 am and got about 2 hours sleep,

then sorted of wriggled about for a few hours knowing I needed sleep but having it elude me, the bastard. I'm gonna leave soon or brick the window up, grrr to the sunshine too.

my new accountant woman came round and seemed ok, that is she didnt seem to be looking round the room to see what I could sell to pay her fees, then her car wouldnt let her get back in coz the battery in her remote control button-a-bleepy device was fubarred. so I did the polite thing and drove her to halfords for a new one.

when I got back K was home, this is the same K that I had said "dont go to work coz your still ill" to. so she did and she was, she is going again tomorrow, I'm taking no bets.

went to work and talked to lazy fuckwits that are supposed to assist me by being paid a shedload of wonga for being on callout, but when I call them they do fuckall. they get paid callout all year, I call them say twice a year and they still moan,big lazy babies!

And I'm trying hard to think hard at 3 am and the shity radio is blaring wailing bee-gees type rubbish which by the time I stop to think how much I hate it has set my thought train back..

the basic program goes

10 Print "is this an OU problem, due to nested policies over writing each other...."

20 poke "tragedy- when the feelngs gone..

30 peek "I hate this shit turn it down"

40 goto 10

there, its a geeky 80's joke..

And K upset me tonight, not gonna bung it in here coz I said to forget it, but I wish I was trusted.

gonna go home , sleep, get boy child from his mums, drink beer and watch some grim film with a body count of n

where n is a high positive integer.

could be

Die hard

clockwork orange

winnie-the-poo and the magic UZI

shitty mood sorry , will try and be nice tomorrow.

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