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much better

Well after yesterdays rant I'm fine today, I just dont function at all if deprived of sleep, after all isnt that what they do to torture prisoners of war?.

When the little puppetts were small and screamed all night I used to think my life had ended, I was up all night with them every night then off to work in the morning,It was one of my most miserable times ever, Then one day when I was at the very end of my tether the pink screaming thing smiled at me. not one of those pre burp grimaces that babies do but a proper "connected" smile at their dad..... aaaawwwwww!

I've finished my xmas shopping here be my list

K= posh handbaggy thing.

Noodle= cd writer and a printer

Boo= pile of dosh and some ck1 and makeup

J= kewl programmable robot to build (i want this really)

B= "gareth gates" book (yuk!) and sims unleashed

Me mam= posh pen

Me dad= 2 books by pete thingy (travel man a bit like bill bryson)

right then, thanks for the positive comments yesterday. Now I'm off to make tea.

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