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Right then, best clear up some stuff from the comments you kindly left for me yesterday, first of all Kathy kitchenlogic has in fact sussed me out,Yes its true I do bite them. not a pleasant thought but there it is. I am slightly embarrassed but also a bit proud that despite this wok-like belly of mine, my toes can still be reached.

Fleakitty thinks they are strange hands, its true my family has been straggling a bit in the evolutionary race but we did leave the monkey business a while ago. and can I add its relief to not have a large purple bottom any more.

Today I have been mostly sleeping but then K came home for an afternoon romp. Marvelous!!!!

So tomorrow we are off to my chums 40th party, I'm looking forward to seeing all my mates and maybe stopping a few beers from going bad.

I just spoke to bry, Bry was my apprentice 20 years ago in gasman land, he was a good laugh but absolutley crap at gasmanning. We had some wild times, but then he left to seek his fortune in software sales, and guess what? he found it. He earns piles of wonga but Mrs Bry tries her very best to spend it for him.

Today He was up at 04:00 flew to Egypt for a meeting and got home at 20:00.

As he walked in she was on her way out with her mates. She told him she had lost her purse but not had time to cancel the credit cards, left him with the baby to feed and change(which she bullied him into paying for IVF to have despite him not wanting any more kids),stung him for 50 for going out with, and to top it all she hadnt bothered to sort out any food for him to eat.

Now I'm not banging any "women should do the house work" type drums here. I just think that seeing as he is out trying to earn a crust for the family she could do her bit by at least feeding him, after all she has no job to goto, sends the baby to a nursery all day. and basically shops for clothes all day. I meant how hard would it have been for her to bung a frozen cottage pie in the oven for him.

I think she is taking the piss.

Thought for the day...

I've taken to watching the GOD channel on TV recently, now GOD tv is a new thing in the UK, and to be brutal the people on the stage scare me. the men all seem to come from the "snake oil salesman" school of presentation and the women wear those power dressing suits with large gilt metal buttons,topped with big hair. The audience must train for weeks to be able to stand so long with their arms in the air and eyes shut, I tried it myself but fall over after a while, God forbid I ever go to a meeting and try it, there would be a terrible "mexican wave meets domino rally" disaster as I took out several rows of worshippers.

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