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mr benns party

Had a great night out last night, It was my Chum Mr Benns 40th burfday party.

He had a big tent thing in his garden and there was plenty of beer, Mrs Benn had made lots of yummy curry and lots of my old friends were there. It was a good night but as per usual at this kind of gig I ended up bladdered, I attribute this to a combination of drinking too many cans and being very tired after a night shift (ok ok It was the beer, see I'm not denying it!!)

I cant remember much about walking back to brys where we were staying but K tells me she spent a percentage of the journey pulling me out of hedges and generally looking after me.

So the result is I feel like shit today. yeah I know it serves me right.....

Anyway little Andy was bouncing around looking happy with his new girly, which was nice. I had a chat to her along the lines of "I know he is 40 but you are dealing with an inexperienced youth who really likes you and may show it by showering you in inappropriatly expensive gifts but please be gentle with him" she seems really nice and I think she will look after his fragile soul.

So we have a cunning plan to get thinner/save money. We arnt going to have beer in the house, If we want a beer we will have to go to the pub,therefore seeing as I cant be arsed to move I will drink less... tadaaaa!

Half the time I just wander to the beer fridge in an absent minded way, so in future I will just wander to the kettle.

While I was comatose in bed all afternoon K went to see her chum who is dying of cancer. she spent the afternoon with her then went and bought me a hot-pot for my tea tonight.

I love K so much, she pulls me out of bushes,feeds me and generally works hard to keep me happy.

Tommorow I think I shall go for a walk in the afternoon, its either that or go looking at vans.

anyway here is a nice piccy of the towns most famous landmark, there are various stories as to why the church is so squint, my favourite is that one day a virgin bride was married in the church and it was such an unusual event that the spire bent over to have a good look.. I'm gonna put more piccy in here in future as it brightens things up a bit.

tricky hey!

Oh yeah I forgot I did a quick 10 question survey.. wanna go do it NIGHTTIME

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