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a whole new domain is born

I the formatting of this entry looks a bit odd its coz I wrote it in notepad so my nosy boss thinks I'm writing some superduper batch file, but I'm really tossing it off writing to my diaryland chums.

I went looking at vans yesterday but to be honest I'm now completely "vanned out of my head" I've seen so many that all the nice things about various ones have been remembered while the crap things have been forgotten. this has resulted them all merging into one "supervan" that only exists in my mind.

The good thing about having a van in your head is that the running cost are negligable,the bad thing is that having a whole van in there leaves bugger all room for anything else. I'm just glad I didnt decide to buy a national monument after all I would need a very large hat If I had crammed St Pauls cathederal in there.

its 3 minutes to lunchtime and a snog so I'll be back in a bit......

I'm just about to register myself a domain name of duncan??????.com its only a few quid a year and at least if my future cutomers lose my business card they will be able to find me again, I'm no html whizz but all I really need is a flat page with an email contact and some prices. I phoned round locally last week sneakily pretending to be a punter with a busted boiler and I was quoted all kinds of silly charges just to step in the door.

I think I can do better than that, after all I'm not out to make my fortune,a fair chunk of my motivation for doing this is to gain a bit of control of my life. Not to out earn Mr Gates.

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