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the day my van got bought

So even felibhat thinks I have strange feet, I think thats a majority, I shall now describe myself as "the wierdy feet bloke". As soon as I can I'm gonna post an even stranger piccy of my fingers... just you wait.

I bought a van today, it white and vanny, thats really all any of us need to know, nuff said.

I got googled today for "mirrored ceiling fitter"

I'm away to my bosses house tonight to sort some radiators.This is helping to smooth the way to my impending redundancy.... or is just plain old toadying.

I really am extremely hungry, I had a bacon butty at 08:00 and its now 18:00 and in the words of my dad "I could eat a barrel of scabby monkies" this was my dads standard phrase for hunger, although if we asked what was for tea he would aways reply "shit with sugar on" which usually failed to get my gastric juices flowing. it probably is also why my old man never worked as a waiter.

it funny how smells can send your brain racing into the past. The smell of boiled cabbage and ribs is one, and some really gross horrible sweets called "cherry lips" is another.

Speaking of sweets I have a small rant...

for the last 6 eons a firm in the UK has made a sweet called "LOVE HEARTS" theses were sugar confections that love struck kids could hand to the object of their desire and had a little heart on them with messages such "my true love" "kiss me" and "hot lips"

I saw the familiar packaging last week and was dismayed, nay, distrought (ok mildy peeved) to find they are now called "TXT MESSAGES" and say things like "CU L8R" "U R MNE" and "FCK U"

tut and harumph!

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