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waiting for soup

tonight I'm waiting for soup,I have it next to me but If I eat it now it will cause 2 problems.

Firstly, I will be really hungry by 03:00 am

Secondly, The highlight of my whole night will be over.

And how sad is that!

Today I was extremely pissed off by a PC I bought on behalf of my bricklayer, I got it from one of them dodgy PC-chucking-together emporiums and I wonder WHEN I'm going to realise that if you go to cheapo shops you get shitty service, I ordered the bugger, drove 40 miles to find they had "forgot" about it, hung about for 2 hours then took it home to find they had neglected to give me the required drivers I need or any documentation that gave me a clue as to what is inside.

So I ignored the "warrenty invalid if broken" seal on the case and then spent an age downloading drivers off the net, then burning them onto cd, then swapping all the leads from one pc to another just coz some half witted cow couldnt get it together... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr!

And this has taken me a day to do so if the bricky dont knock me some money off my bill the PC is going up his hole sideways...

puppetts hint to himself --- "shut your bleeding mouth in future"

Just got a call from boo to say that a skiing supplier called her today and asked if a piccy her friend took when the were on hol in the USA could be used on the cover of his brochure!!! Yea! my ikkle girl is a model!


Bird on a wire, Len

She says so, Beatles

Tower of song, Len

Heaven, talking heads

Fire and Rain, James Taylor

Try for the sun, Donovan

Tonight will be fine, Len

Kathy song, Simon & Garfunkel

Famous blue raincoat, Len

wish you were here, Pink Floyd

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