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winona phones a friend

I wonder whats going to happen to me in my life, I've given it some thought today, one thing is certain my happiness has improved with age, it a directly proportional thing, the older I get the happier I get. which is nice.

There have been many dips and troughs but the overall trend is up. and it is only my happiness that increases, some other stuff has gone to shit (looks,fitness,money) but they dont seem to matter In fact (this thought has honestly just popped in my head!!!) maybe I'm happier because I dont get all screwy about these things.I rather think being with K has a great deal to do with it.

doing my 100 list the other day I was quite suprised that I had neglected to tell K that I tried to kill myself once. I was I wee pup of about 18 years and was pissed off for reasons that I honestly cant recall now, I glugged a half bottle of voddy, eat a pile of pills and went to bed expecting not to awake, I dont even think I left a note, which if nothing else shows I was being spectacularly selfish to my parents.anyway I awoke covered in vomit and undigested pills. which was a bit of luck really.

Today has been a complete none event, I staggered home at 07:00 in the rain and was so wet,cold and tired that the early morning romp with K went down the pan along with my conciousness. I share the same weather as joistmonkey and as he said today was perpetual dusk.

I dreampt I died today it was a car crash and my dying view was of the tires of a car in front of me whilst I hung upside down with my head squashed against the roof of my car, i could only see through one eye and my field of view kept shrinking until it just popped away and I was no more.

I think I've drunk around 13 drinks of tea today, now that may not sound so much, but I drink it out of a pint mug, ok so I dont fill it to the top (any above 3/4 ends up slopped on the floor) but its still a small buckets worth, no wonder I have got that bitter tannin taste on my tongue. I blame my parents who will fill any spare gaps in the conversation with "shall we have a brew then" plus 16 years gasmanning at say 8 houses a day where each of them would offer a brew, and you have a serious problem in need of a 12 step plan.

So winona is being tried for pinching, what I dont understand is why she gets a big trial when if I raided the "pick n mix" at woolworths I would just get a bit of a fine and my mum tutting at me. I lifted the quote below from the BBC website

The jury contains several of Ms Ryder's Hollywood peers - including the former head of Sony Pictures, the studio that made three of her best-known films.

now tell me how does that work? it cant be the result of random jury duty calls, do you get to pick your mates in america, really if this is fair then OJ was not guilty!

I did jury service once and it scared me,I thought when we retired we would be given some framework to slot the facts into but no. we were just chucked in a room and told not to come out until we had a verdict. one woman said he was guilty coz he had "shifty eyes" one said "all pakis are the same", you try presenting a logical arguement with tossers like that.!

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