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my wife to be is the bestest snogger in the world

my wife to be is the bestest snogger in the world, She says I cant make that statement on account of the fact that I have missed kissing one or two pairs of lips from the world (in fact she over illustrated the omissions by naming people until I felt queasy,K even mentioned her mum in there... uuuurgh)

So I stand by my initial statement.

Had a nice evening,I set about removing K's clothing the minute she stepped in the door (tee hee no kids..)then K went to a school meeting and I set off to the pub with a copy of "a clockwork orange" in my pocket, had a beer and a was joined by K and some friends for the pub quiz.

As usual we were doing ok until the sport questions, I dont do sport, I can understand playing but watching.. Naaa not for me.

I must have been tired from my nightshift coz I did seem inapropriately pissed for the volume of beer I had, then we came home and I watched "operation" on the tv which looked not unlike life-my-way's inside out groundhog.

anyway, the man with my van called just now so I'm off to collect it, Gonna feel rich as I wander down there with 2000 GBP in cash in my pocket, its a big pile of notes!

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