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I want to go home

I'm at work and I really don't want to be here.One of my less reasonable traits is that once I decide I'm done with something I want NOTHING more to do with it.

The company has to lose 35,000 people, so why cant I go home now and then its only 34,999.

I work for what was Royal Mail, it was Royal mail for about 250 years which as branding goes is methinks a bit of a record. anyway last year some besuited marketing fuckwit sold the idea of a name change to the other suits.

So every sign,scrap of headed paper , id badge the lot was changed to CONSIGNIA.

So everyone hated it, people had no idea who we were and 1 year on we are going the through the whole process again and our new name?????

Royal Mail PLC


right then its favourite food list time

1,K's cheese on toast

2,Lamb of the island

3,frosties (with REALLY cold milk)

4,fresh bread & butter

5,tomato soup


I'm off to the island on monday, while I'm there with a bit of luck I am going to have a lamb killed and chopped up so that I can bring it back home.

I want nothing to do with the process, I want to find meat in freezer bags,the bit in between involving wriggling animals,sharp knives and hacksaws is not my cup of tea.

I readily admit that this is both cowardly and dishonest but much as the macho man inside me says "go kill food"

I cant bring myself to watch never mind do it.

There is a noisy man stood next to me blathering on in a VERY loud monotone about how to mend a mainframe, I may change my mind and practise slaughtering on him.

please send me home.........

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