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my diaryland virtual xmas shopping list

Ok dont get too excited but here is my virtual shopping list for pressies for my diaryland buddies,

the word to re read here is "Virtual" sorry!


A Hand bound copy of "sophies world" with a tooled leather cover and a red ribbon bookmark (hope Mea isnt a veggie...)


Two dozen homing ATM cards, A pair of special cherry red Dr Martens boots with strong magnets built into them to hoover up loose change without any effort.


The leading role in my new broadway play "The multicoloured wax emporium in the canyon of doodles" and its a musical too.


Hmm tricky one, A bat to beat the living daylights out of the boy that keeps messing her about and a shopping therapy "experience" day at harrods, all you can carry you take home.


a big punchbag for when it all gets too much and a secet quiet room for writing in that nobody else can find


not been reading the lad for long but reckon a PS2/XBOX/GAMECUBE might do the trick. plus loads of beer, blokes are SO easy to please.


one giant self cleaning and filling coffee burblything,a fire extinguisher,and every one of every variety of Baxters soup.


The entire stocklist from "rubber-crafty-stampy-things "R" Us,the observers book of small squashy fruits for thing 2 and a real boomerang to go with the little ones on her template.


easy this one, some new legs that work when they are told to. an interior decorator to sort the new house,a big old cast iron typewriter to write the new pulitzer prize winner on quality paper.


I best get this one right!! A big bag of self confidence to replace the one that bastardEXman stole,A new SAAB car, a wedding in the Maldives,all my kisses,

a worry free life,a new bed.

oh and a winnie the poo calendar.:-)


A nice new boyfriend so that you dont have to eat out alone, I'll send my chum Andy over coz he needs someone too.

So thats it, I know its a bit early but by the time xmas comes I will be so fed up of the whole thing that you will get nothing, so print out your prezzies and put them under you virtual tree until the right time....

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