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off to the island again!

hi peeps just a quick entry coz I'm getting ready to go and have a 500 mile

drive to do this afto.

I going without K which I know is a bit mean but she cant get the time off and I have bills to pay up there and men to see about roofs and this is basically a smokescreen coz I just like being there.

but wish K was there too.

So just read joistmonkey's 100 list. I love 100 lists.

He reads "new scientist" and I have been published in it!

Ok before you all think " wow wot a boffin" It was in the back bit where punters write in. here is the story....

I went into my local asian newsagent (you know the sort 6000 magazines about EVERYRTHING) and asked for a copy of "new scientist" as I couldnt be arsed to find it on the shelf.

Mr Iqbal then got all furtive and produced a box of really dodgy speciality porn from under his counter, He rifled through a load of interesting looking titles (women in heels,Cross dressers in rubber etc) before announcing "I'm sorry I have no "NUDE SCIENTIST".

I had piccys in my head of women naked apart from lab coats doing unspeakable thing with test tubes.....

So I wrote this to the mag and the paid me 25GBP for it.... Hey I'm a real author!!

Gotta go do stuff, I'm not sure when I will get to update again, but an thinking I will ask naked-desire to update MY diary for me so you can get a second opinion on my life here in the uk.

might be novel. see you all next week, (note I wrote "you all" not Y'all coz I was picked up on it by a genuine Texan, :-) go see crayonsdraw

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