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wot no wonga

hello peeps,

well I'm back from the island freshly inspired coz the house now has a roof!and I spent a few days putting up lots of guttering and downpipes.

The journey up was ok, I had no radio so collected a couple of rather smelly hitchhikers, K was worried the might be axe murderers so I asked them and they assured me that they weren't. so that was ok.

One was from Skipton, the other was from Moscow. I try not to generalise and know it must be a culture thing but why dont russians ever smile?????

So the journey back was a deafening ordeal, my exhaust fell off in Glasgow (about 200 miles from home) so the rest of the trip was a bit unpleasant.

yesterday I went and bought some clothes to smarten me up a bit for this wedding doo at weekend. one suit fat bastard size please.

today my likkel girly is 16, old enough to marry, unbeleivable (sorry had 3 goes at spelling this and this is my best shot)

I rushed to my work email today for details of my redundacy to find fuck all. went to see the big boss who wriggled around making lots of words, I can sum it all up with "you can bollocks" so I'm now a pissed off puppett, a tired and weary puppett,a "screw you" puppett.

I'm not angry really, I just feel deflated. I was quite revved up for a while there with misplaced enthusiasm, now do I just sack it and cancel my 600 GBP exam on thursday? wot the fuck do I do? I quite envy joistmonkey's lifestyle, he seems to make the best of what he has with very little mither.

So I'm doing no work today,I shall skive for England and can feel a sick note coming on.

fuck um, fuck the lot of them and fuck!

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