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anyone got a gag/gun?

Now dont get all stroppy above me being sexist coz I would say the same about blokes,but I'm sat in a new place at work surrounded by three women who witter constantly.I know this is the pot calling the kettle "black arse" but I like to think that I make conversation and not just do a running commentary on every move I'm making.

Its a good job Uzi's are not readily available in the UK, I might just cause havoc with a spud gun instead.

So I'm sat looking out of the window, imagining that I'm looking out of my kitchen window hole on the island,

A long croft with sheep,turnips and potatos falling away to a broad horizon of sky. There is a large rock a mile out to sea it throws up plumes of spray as the waves which started near Canada break onto it, looking north I can see the blink of light from the incredibly sturdy lighthouse built on the edge of the cliffs,the only sounds are of sea,wind and sheep.

I was actually stood doing this last week, before I realised it 40 minutes had passed. This may be why jobs up there take so long, even the small children are calmer, I was in my chums weaving shed (they weave harris tweed) accompanied by a little four year old girl. she stood quietly watching the loom moving back and to for ages, just humming a tune to herself, no whining, no wanting to leave just acceptance of where she had to be for a while.

bloody hell I feel a lot calmer myself just thinking of it.

K has gone home for lunch and is bringing my new trousers so I can go get them made shorter, tomorrow I have to go to my boy childs school as he may be getting a prize which is nice, he has always been overshadowed by boo at school so its nice for him to get his time in the spotlight.

last night I failed miserably, I was going to revise then take K to bed in order to make the beast with two backs. but by 09:15 I was so tired I slunk off to bed on my own and didnt move until 06:00 am, my excuse should you care for one, is that I had been up since 05:00 and then done a 12 hours shift.

I am a tad embarrased to be (very politely) reminded that Fleakitty was left off my virtual prezzie list, I have given it some thought and she shall have....

a copy of "the best punk album in the world" and "DURAN DURAN, The video years" on DVD.

Hope thats ok?

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