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whos a clever boy then, I passed the 7 hour theory exam to be a reborn gasman today, practical next week.

so I'm unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed at the minute, I think a bath followed by a few beers are in order.

I just at in the kitchen singing len cohen songs whilst the sainsbury's curry bubbled in the oven. Its one of the 2 places in the house where I can sit and not have to endure 600 episodes Of "Sabrina the teenage repeat", the other place has a hard seat and a toilet roll, its ok there too but after a while I cant feel my legs anymore.

I'm short of things to write about so here is a piccy of me take a few years ago being a pixie ontop of a strange pinnacle thingy about 6 miles from here.

K and B are upstairs having a scream at each other, B is so self obsessed just now that she cant even see why anyone should not dance around her needs. Im sure she will get more thoughtful soon, but I'm pretty sure her and K will have a somewhat "sparky" relationship more or less forever.

I just found a Faithless CD in the cd drive (outrospective)and and now watching the vid that I didnt even know was on there, nice one Maxi Jazz, but please eat, you are a black skelington.

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