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firstly, sorry about the size of that last piccy, I didnt realise the bloody thing was going to be a "full scale" wall mural, Oh and I do actually have a torso, it just the top of the thing was a bit slopy , honest.

So joistmonkey has once again inspired me update, He was noting..oh just go read it..

So I was talking to my complete knob of an ex brother in law. He is one of them blokes who has to have a rolex watch,top of the range everything,capitalist aquisative bastard. And he worships cars, especalliy fast ones.

Anyway he was telling me that he had met Mr Cosworth at a party, I was VERY impressed as he is one of my heroes, BIL was amazed that I had even heard of him.

Now later it came to light that when he said COSWORTH (A bloke wot soups up road cars to race speeds) I actually heard him say COSGROVE who is a top animator responsible for DANGERMOUSE and CHORLTON and the WHEELIES.

So the twat got kudos from me when I couldnt really give a toss.Doh!

Having a bit of a vinyl retro morning, currently listening to "orgone accumulator" by Hawkwind.

previously had David Bowie "stage" from ages ago.

Right then, where is that cheesecloth shirt and flared jeans?

Off to the wedding tomorrow, I'm gonna have to take some "keeping awake pills" (dont worry I'm not going back to my Speeding days" just a large dose of sudofed normally does it, say twice the recommended dose) As I will only get about 3.5 hours sleep between now and the early hours of sunday morning.

right then off to get showered.

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