PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... bed!

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I love bed, I long for bed. its warm and flat, I can drink tea, make love, sleep, tickle the cat in bed.

Bed is the best,bed is where reading should be done.

The room itself doesnt matter, after all most of my time in bed is spent with my eyes closed, the bedroom is mostly decorated with my dreams.

bed get better as the weather gets worse, when the rain rattles on the windows I slide deeper beneath the covers.

at 3 am I think about bed a lot,usually with K between the sheets.

I have two pillows, I drool in my sleep,

I never breath through my nose,always through my mouth so I have a glass of water by the bed to re-hydrate my cracked mouth.

I snore when I'm drunk

I sleep on the left side of the bed. when I walk with K I walk on the left of her.

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