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nuther day nuther exam

Now much as it saddens me to be a diaryland whore, my stats doo-dah shows a definate upturn in interest when I forget all about having a nicely structured update and just spout shite.

quite what that tell me I have no idea, I just left a slightly smutty note in my true loves guest book huuur huur...

Toda I had a new experience, summat I have never done before (is that an oxymoron?) I fell asleep in the time it took from a trafic light to go from green to red to green again. I stopped about 10 th in the queue, shut my eyes and woke up again to an empty road infront of me and a cacophony of melodious tootling behind me.

A man in a taxi was on lead cacophone.

I'm going to stay in bed all morning tomorrow, fuck it i'm tired so the answer is sleep. I also feel pretty grossly fat, my trousers will no longer go round my middle, I know i'm now gross coz my igalig (that a bellybutton to you johnny forigners) now resides about 3 inches north of my waistband. its horrid.

oh yeah, I passed my practical exam too (8 hours it took hmmm bugger now I write like yoda talks)

I'm off for a wee.

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