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cars and boots

I went to pick up my wee bairns on friday night and one of the things I like to do is stop off for a beer on the way back (just the one, dont get all drink drivey at me).

any way we stopped and when we got back to the van the battery didnt do nuffin.

Now this pub is in the same kind of situation as the "keep off the moors lads" pub in "an american werewolf in london" so we really did need to get the van to start. luckily it on a hill, so I got my boy child to illuminate the road with my monster torch and we managed to bump start it, then drove home with the mantra of "dont stall,dont stall,dont stall".

anyway the starter motor is jiggered and I'm getting it replaced with One day left on the warrenty. tee hee.

went to see the new 007 fillum yesterday, it went rat-tata-tat,boom,screech,cheesey joke,snog,hurrah!

as they all do.

K and the girls went to "Harry Potter and the never ending film" whilst me and Noodle wandered the streets having forgot my house keys. for which I gave myself 10 numpty points.

Got up early this morning and went to the biggo-saddo car boot sale in town, bring on the tat, it was a bit dissapointing as it was pretty much, vids,mills and boon type books and broken toys.

So thats about the sum of my weekend I may update later.

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