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I lied, I knew I had an addictive personality but didnt know it extended to diarywriting, so here I am back at the familiar blue screen scratching my noggin for summat to say, (I will add I regularly copy and paste this stuff into notepad as more than one my entry has zapped into hyperspace when I hit the done button, my best entries are pootling around in the ether along with several odd socks plus my memories from my late teensearly 20's when I was pretty much out to lunch)

firstly an advert, go read squirrellx coz its got me in trouble at work for laughing out loud...

shit, best go stir the spag bol

So, whats been happening in my life... today I bought some new walking boots. woo hoo! and I had my hair cut.

I had my hair cut like a proper bloke, no cups of coffee, no magazines, just walk in, sit down, say "number 5 ontop 3 on the sides" listen to buzzing sound for 5 mins, pay the man 3GBP walk out, The whole episode lasts about 10 mins tops.

No gunk on my head, just very cold ears on the way home. (must buy a new hat, my old one in in a weaving shed on a scottish island)

I got the next bit of divorce through (did I tell you I'm doing it throught the internet?) I have to go to see a man at the court and "swear an Affidavid" which is a document saying that all the other documents are telling the truth, I usually prettty good at swearing so it shouldnt be a prob.

When I last was in court it was as a jury person and I didnt want to swear on the bible as I might as well swear on a copy of "winnie the poo and the honey tree" owing to fact that I think the bible is just some stories made up by people a few hundred years after Jesus died.

Anyway they found another bit of paper for me to read, by which I swore to tell the truth or they could poke me with pointy sticks (it was something like that anyway)

And we sent a man to jail for 5 years for waving a toy gun about in a shop,,

well we didnt send him the judge did.

tomorrow I'm off out for a walk with my chum bri, Bri has decided to hit the great outdoors, now seeing as he hasnt visited any part of the country unless he can bang his car door on it as he gets out, methinks its going to be a bit of a shock to his system, his wife is such in urbanite that she is scared to go anywhere if the roads dont have street lights.

So We are of up Kinder Scout, it a hillplateau place near here and the top is just peat, black muddy peat, but the fun bit is where the river runs off the top down an 80 foot cliff.

The cliff blocks the end of a very long windy valley so the water runs off the top only to be blown back up again. this makes a perpetual rainbow, it pretty.

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