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Thanks and acorns

right then before I start I want to say thanks to la-the-sage, crayonsdraw, kitchenlogic and Fleakitty for leaving me nice notes, they cheered me up, its odd my grimmest entries seem to get the most reads.

I wish I could be a less moody bod, but like King Canute I cant turn back the tides, Or I could but would need to shoot the moon to do it, and I like the moon.

Anyway I reread yesterdays dirge to find I had referred to "the acorn of death" without explaining myself.

I was sat staring out of the window at work the other day and it occured to me the amount of fun that could be had with oak trees that grow to 30 feet overnight, you could sneak around to somebodies house at night with a bagload of acorns and pop them in the ground.

In the morning they would have a small copse in front of the door and have to climb out of the window to go to work.

Or you could roll one under a car to find your wheels 25 feet up a tree in the morning.

I know the state still kills people in the USA so you could stand the perp buried up to hisher knees in a nice place (I would let them choose their "last stand") and then make them swallow "the acorn of death"

(I oppose the death penalty but if you are gonna do it might as well have a laugh) then voila! a few hundred board foot of baddy.

So If someone is planning to genitically engineer this for me can you give me a bit of notice because I'm off to buy shares in the Stihl Chainsaw company.


Its also occured that if you fed them the "Sycamore Whirly Thing of Death" you could chuck um off big cliffs for a bit of helicopter fun

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