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shit, I dont know what to do, EX came and met me halfway on the child delivery run, (which is nice coz it saves me about 2 hours driving) only to drop the bombshell that my 16 year old daughter, who I thought was coping with being 16 ok, is in fact drinking vodka before going to school and has a stash of weed in here bedroom next to the empty litre bottle of vodka.

fuck, what do I do??

Her mum found her diary with a daily vodka breakfast in it, I'm going to call her in an hour, I'm not gonna yell, but I am going to confront her with the vodka bottle, I'm going to ask if she is drinking coz something is too hard for here to cope with on her own, if its something I can make goway or at least ease a little.

If she lies to me Its going to be hard not to yell... when she is here she has the odd (tiny bottle of)breezer, but she always refuses a second one, in fact the first one often goes in the fridge for the next night.

The hash doesnt worry me too much, in fact I think its for the boyfriend. She knows the dangers of cancer but I cant make her stop, its her call.

I dont know what to do, any ideas?? I'm not sure if its "teenage drama" but if she is glugging voddys and cant stop I suppose We will need help from all breeds of jumped up social workers which I have no time for, half of them are only kids themselves.

fuck fuck fuck, will update again later with the results from the jury.

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