PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... ok just not hungry

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So many thanks to you for the E-support (I just made that up!!) about my girly.

I spoke to her on the phone and quizzed her about stuff, I didnt shout or stomp about I just told her that I loved her and was concerned about her.I said if anything gets her down she can talk to me without fear of having me rant at her. She assured me that the bottle was almost empty when she got it from her friend,

Also I think the hash is a xmas prezzie for her boyfriend (tobbacco and papers were on her "to buy" list, and I think the hash is his too) Ex has been checking over the last few days and the hash is untouched.

Boo has never out and out lied to me before, she will evade and half answer but I'm prepared to kind of believe her now, but just to back it up EX is on regular spying missions.

I just want her to be happy, She is worried about her exams, but she has always worked hard and if she did fail (which I doubt) she will fail knowing she gave her best effort.

There is more to life than exams results.

SO what else is new? Well my appetite has done a runner, I just dont want any food, and being a fatso this is most unusual. I dont feel unduly stressed of anythin' I'm just not hungry.

K is doing the up all night thing to catch up with her studying, which aint easy with a full time job plus 2 kids and me to look after.

joistmonkey did a new type of list the other day "100 things I did first" I'm gonna pinch it, but I still bet I get it done before animamea does here 100 list:-) I'm sorry there aint no quaint or amusing anecdotes just now, but I will update with much silleness soon, after all it is nearly xmas!

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