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tee hee, just had another quality mid afternoon wriggle on with K, She is now asleep (see its not just a bloke thing).

So when I was about 10 and my sister was 16 my mum and dad used to go out on the beer on a Friday night, this was with strict instructions not to let anyone in the house.

So as soon as they left all my sister mates would appear with "party 4" and "party 7" cans of beer, (these were huge tins containing 4 and 7 pints respectively). They would then drink them all and for the price of a glass of bitter I was sent into the garden to dispose of the evidence before my folks got home.

Being a lazy tyke I used to squash the cans flat and then bury them about 3 inches below ground. this went on for about 2 years and by then we had the only steel plated garden in the area. if I jumped up and down on a certain spot I could make the whole surface of the garden twitch.

Years later when in a spurt of self sufficiency my dad decided to plant potatos he was amazed to find the whole garden seemed to "be crammed full of bits of old steel air-raid shelter"

My Friend Bry has just called me, he is a bit distrought as he has just this minute split with his wife, I made "she will be back" noises but I had the wrong end of the stick. He dont want her back (dont blame him to be honest) but then she returned so he had to ring off saying he most hold his resolve not to be talked round.

he is gonna call me later, if its too shitty for him at home he can always come stay here for a bit.

as the youff of today say " C U L8TR" yuk!

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