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back to work

I had a pretty rotten day yesterday, It wasn't really rotten it was just that I wasted it by worrying about this one. I'm back at work today and have got to the point where the idea of being stuck at this desk for a 12 hour stint makes my tum go flip-flop and me to feel sick.

Not the bestest way to be really. but there it is.

I think K summed it up as I took her to her works xmas pissup "you could be a hermit" and you know I think she is right. I could easily be a househusband, cleaning the toilet holds no fears for me, I'm quite happy doing dull domestic stuff as long as I'm on my own and have thumping loud cd's playing.

I went to collect K at about 10:00 pm and she had been on the sauce since 13:00 so she was a tad worse for wear ( in a cute kind of way) so I plonked her on the settee and put on coronation St which I had taped for her, she then fell fast asleep, there was no waking her and I popped a duvet on her and went to bed. She joined me at around 05:30 this morning (I was up for work at 06:00)

It is foggy here, All I can see is the car park with rows of panzer tank sized 4 wheel drive cars (do you americans call them SUV's?) these leviathans of the car world are needed to do such jobs as "dropping Sebastian off at school" and "carrying the dog food home from Tesco" At no point will there carefully polished alloy wheels EVER leave the security of asphalt. Farmers need land-rovers, financial accountants do not. Its just an image they purchase "I could be a rough tough outdoors person if I wanted to, I just choose not to"

One of the advantages used to be that you could see further in traffic because you were higher up, but now everyone has one they just cant see past the SUV in front, and as for us little people down below, well we live in the world of tail lights and smoky exhausts.

They are going to pay our January pay on the 24 Dec, this is bad, by the 3rd week in Jan we may be down to eating road kill, hedgehog on toast. Yes I know I should manage my money better but if its there I spend it...

Its my works pissup tomorrow, one gang of geeks on the town I have to go get my Kids so I looks like I cant play which Is a bit of a bugger, however if I did go I would only end up shitfaced drunk and spend the weekend feeling like death-on-legs so it might be a good thing. Tonight I will wrap prezzies, I cant wrap prezzies for toffee, I think it because I wont invest the time and effort for something that has a lifespan of 30 seconds, give gift.....thanks.....RIP! SHRED! .....put in the bin..

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