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I was a great big not turning up for the party person today. Instead I went to see my aged P's and collected my boy child from his mums.

And we had a whale of a time on the way back. No real reason, we just had a laugh and he told me a joke with the word "Arse" in it, Hey! he swore in front of me (not that it was my turn fnarrgh!!!) He crossed another growing up line, I didnt tell him off coz it was a good joke.

My girl child is at her boyfriends today,she is teaching him to cook. She is pleased to do this as its one of the few things she can do that he cant. She was teaching him to do pasta. So My plan to allow her to stay ahead of the game was to tell him to cook it like this.

1,bring the water to the boil, add the pasta, boil furiously for 90 minutes.

2, meanwhile heat the bottled tomato sauce until it boils, do not stir it until it has reduced to a fudge like consistancy.

Lets see him serve THAT to any subsequent girlfriend if he dares to dump my little girl again. Last time he dumped her I got my big daft tree surgeon mate to stomp on his leg when they were playing football, as they say "age and cunning will always outwit youth and agility"

Me and K just went and shopped for xmas grub, it was hell-on-toast, but its done now. Any further bits I will pick up at 03:00am On monday night in my lunch hour.

While it occurs I would like to thank LENAROSE for all the wicked comments she leaves me, I would pop by and leave some comments but I cant find a email/notes/guestbook to say "Heyup" in.

but thanks anyway for stopping by.

A mild rant that I meant to say the other day is about "organic" produce. I bought some the other day, not coz it was organic but because it was the best bit of meat left.

How did the word "organic" get hijacked?

I thought it meant "related to carbon based chemistry" all meat is organic, duh! If we are eating none organic food its either a leg of alien or we got muddled up and eat the can it came in

Gonna go get a beer now.....

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