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xmas eve at work

Well I dont feel too xmassy sat here at my PC applying SP3 to a server in birmngham but big grinny grins and grooovy cheerfullness to all you Dland dudes who after a year I think of as my friends.

another year and more chums. that's to the good.

I just drove home for my late night lunchbreak and peeled the spuds for tomorrow, K is fixing to bust her lungs working too hard when she should be resting. fuck the state of the house, we live in it like this the rest of the year, one more day wont hurt.

Bloody hell, I just read squirrelx before I did this update and I end up thinking in a "southern drawl" accent after reading her, hence the "fixing to bust her lungs" line. I dont talk like that but being a big old sponge I just absorb regional dialects and accents.

The streets are fully of wobbly people disguised as reindeer. and perhaps the tundra are full of wobbly reindeer disguised as people. it could be true.

someone go have a look!

tomorrow is the day I get 2.5 hours sleep.

what jolly larks!

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