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happpy neeww year!

Well I've just rebuilt our PC so can at last get on the net!

We got back from the island last night after a 500 mile, 12 hour drive. so we wuz a bit tired,

We had a really nice time, K got herself nicely chilled out for the first time in months, nobody to worry about nowhere to go.

I had a couple of nice walks by the sea, one of the locals took me around some places I had not seen and pointed out an iron age settlement that I had not spotted, strange really as is was quite obvious once he showed me. he promised to let me have a shard of pottery that he dug up there. which is cool.

The house now has a roof! so its windows next when I find tha money...

I also had a go at facing on af my fears. (this gets a bit gory so beware). I have always been scared of dead things, dont know why but I'm squeamish.

Our friends up there very kindy offered me a sheep to put in the freezer at home (I Lurve lamb) but before it could fit in the freezer bags it needed to be caught on the croft and slaughtered.

I was in 2 minds about this,

1, "go git your food" macho-ness

2, eeewwwwww!!!!! (faint-dizzy-vomit)

anyway I went along to watch we caught the beast, its legs were tied and we lifted in onto a bench on its back. My chum pushed a knife through its neck and its blood spurted into bucket below, at the same time he broke its neck and after a minute or 2 of spasms and not very pleasant slurping sounds it was dead.

And I was ok ,so hung around (to be honest it was quite fascinating, I had never seen anything bigger than a spider die before.)I then helped to skin the beast, the skin just sort of came away by pushing your balled fist between it and the meat. the the guts were removed and it was hung up for a couple of days before butchering.

So now I dont think I'm so scared of dead things anymore. I'm also very impressed with the way that my friend skilfully completed the operation.

I'm not going to dress it up, I'm an ex 10 year vegetarian, I know its murdering an animal, but its also nice food.

Chops anyone??


Happy new year everone, I think I will update again later!!!

I just did, tidied up the crappy spelling!

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