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learning to fly

If I could have any job, in the world I would be an Astronaut and my sentences would all end with an Apollo "Beep".

I've always wanted to be able to fly but could never afford it, so until I started learning to paraglide I only made flew radio control models, which yes, is sad and geeky but nevertheless a good deal of fun.

Here is a piccy of me gliding off a hill in the peak district after having 2 hours sleep the night before, when I landed I slept in the middle of the landing field for 2 hours without moving.

I eventually gave up the quest for my paragliding license after spending 2 years sat on the side of windy english hillsides waiting for "the right" weather. This isnt the best country for paragliding.

I've been to see one of my neighbours tonight to give him some plumbing advise, this man is the orangey-est person in the world. about a year ago he developed a love affair with his tanning machine, in fact I think his dream location is a sunbed with mirror so he can watch as his epidermis turns the same colour as a tangerine.

My own skin is a shade known as "bottile-de-milk" or possible "snowblind-in-the-sun" us english chaps very rarely get to expose any flesh to the suns rays, preferring to hide in the shade of the pub.

I just watched a prog about a thing called the "Atkins diet" the message was that this is a bad thing, but as it went on I became more enamoured with the whole idea. to be able to order "steak with extra lard" and lose weight sounds fabbo. I might give it a go......

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