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I sat here seriously groovin to a "Euphoria" dance CD, im in on my own and its thumping the windows out.... I swear some of this dance music sends shivers down my spine. I sort of get in to a kind of medative state following the rise and fall off the beats as they swell and ebb like waves in my head.

Its a fucking good job this music wasnt about in my speed freak days else I would never have left the party.

Fitted a bathroom today, then got 2 more jobs to do tomorrow, this self employed thing seems to be taking off on its own with not a lot of pushing from me. which is nice.

hang on gonna get a beer and scream loudly as Faithless hit a high point.

"me I'm just out for a good time, Everything else is just propaganda"

Albert Finney, Saturday night Sunday Morning, 1962

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