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I'm a bit torn today, The big thing is that K is unhappy, quiet and sad and uptight. and I dont know why. I asked but she says Dunno. I narrowed the question down to "is it something I did/didnt say/do" and she says to just leave it.

So I'm fairly sure its something it Did/didnt say/do.

But having been asked to leave it, I dont know what to do next.

K says I've been odd the last few days but truth be known I've been pretty happy. I thought I was being bright and effervecent in an old bastard sort of way but Its obviously unnervered K a little so I sit here confused and a litle perplexed.

I did however ask if It was likely that K was going to trade me in for sportier model with less miles on the clock and and a smalled girth. she says not.

so thats a good thing.

Its nearly 02:00am and I'm off to bed.

ps, I forgot I saw the finest snowman ever today it was a sculpture of a boy jumping over a wall into a school it looked like a real boy sprayed white, I'll go try and take a piccy tomorrow if it dont thaw

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