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no idea !

Well today’s big change is that from now on I’m writing all my entries in MS word. This is because not only is my spellinnngg poo but my proof reading skills are worse.

Therefore I shall correct any wiggly red lines before pasting it into my diary. With a bit of luck this will stop y’all reading my diary and thinking “what the hell is he on about”

Today I was mostly asleep (getting ready for nights tonight) in fact apart from a tidyingdustinghoovering session this afternoon I have done bugger all. This leaves me with 3 options for this update.

1, stop now

2, make it up

3, drag up some old stuff

So it’s the old stuff methinks.

Hmmm what, have I never written about…..

I have virtually no memory of my early school life, no idea why but it only really kicks in after the age of 11. it must have been dull.

When I was 18 I got very drunk one night and decided to climb up to the top of a tower crane on a building site then climbed out along the jib where I sat swinging my legs. However a police man saw me and told me to get down (he seemed to have no inclination to join me) once I got down he had a serious finger wagging session and I got away without being arrested by saying “yes, I am stupid, Yes Mr policeman sir I am indeed a fuckwit” etc.

When I was still living with my mum and dad, I completely rebuilt and renovated a 1954 BSA Bantam Motorbike to “as new condition” unfortunately I did this in my bedroom and once complete there was no way to get it down the stairs and out of the door. So I had to take it all to bits again.

I like the word “Trebuchet”

If I win the lottery I’m going to buy a JCB and dig lots of big holes, then I might buy a bulldozer and fill um in again.

I wish someone would update coz I’m bored and need something to read!

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