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Well I went out yesterday and bunged some batteries in our webcam, but the bloody thing just eat them. A fivers worth of triple A batteries gone to poo.

So Iíve treated myself to a newTOY that should arrive tomorrow.. This should be good enough for diary type stuff coz Iím not exactly Ansel Adams.

Iíve just chewed my fingernail too far down (in fact Iím nearly up to my elbow) and itís hurting OUCH!

A fairly exciting thing (well it is to me, I honestly donít mind if you lot think its tedious) is that I have sent the order off for the doors and windows for the house on the islandÖ. Whoo hooo! What this means is that once they are fitted we will have a big weather proof box, it still has no innards (you can stand downstairs and look at the underside of the roof) but it will be dry inside and no longer derelict. Itís the difference between ďfalling downĒ and ďunfurnished accommodationĒ

I was bored on night shift the other night and bunged the address of the island house in to Google.

It came up with a chaps genealogy page from New Zealand, it was listed because one of his ancestors was born there in 1790. so I sent him a picky of the house attached to an Email. As of yet the miserable scroat hasnít replied though.

Today I am sat at a different desk and the highlight is a clockwork dog, you wind him up and he does 3 summersaults or possibly wintersaults (tee hee Iím so witty)

Since I posted my new banners Iíve found some new diaryís to read, it seems that I like to read the type of diaryís that belong to people who like to read my diary. How narcissistic is that! (oh thank you spell checker). Really I just donít enjoy adolecent ďI saw Jake today and he looked at me differently, so Iím going to billy bobs after we finish sophamoring (I donít know what a sophamore is, they have them in teen flicks though, maybe itís a type of Grits ((donít know what they are either)))

Yummy ! cup of Tea,,,,, I am turning into my dad.

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