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wanna buy a tank?

Me and the boy child went for a bit of a shuffle around an army surplus place down the road.

Its better than your "high street" army surplus store in that you can actually buy stuff like this.....

We didnt buy a tank but Noodle got himself a vacuum sealed "nuclear,biological,chemical" proof suit in desert storm colours, which may come in handy if Mr Bush and Mr Blair dont stop the "i wanna war" tantrums.

I got myself a natty fur lined hat which I was quite pleased with but when I got it home K scowled at it and made not happy sounds. but it will keep my noggin warm when working outside.

K is still far from being a happy bunny, and I'm running short of ideas to try and cheer her up, I've been trying to sweep potential problems from her path before she gets to them but she is still feeling overloaded, we have another (the 4th?) review at work where we have to reapply for our own jobs soon and I've a feeling that this Funk (A word I only learnt recently from diaryland peeps) will last until K gets the ok letter.

So till then I will try my best not to wind her up.

K is out at the moment visiting a friend who is pretty close to dying from cancer.I'm sure I wouldn't know what to say but K can rise above this stuff, I'm not sure I wouldnt take the cowardly option and just not visit.

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