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went to chequers last night

Yesterday I was owed a few hours “lieu” time off from work, this was to compensate me for the time I was forced to spend sleeping at the big presentation the other day.

I went to buy a new antenna for my radio, then K called me to let me know I had another job to do urgently. So I went to disconnect a dead mans cooker, his aged sister was there to let me in. chatting to her she told me that she lived in Canada and had done for 27 years, the nub of this is that she still had a broad Derbyshire accent, absolutely no trace of Canadian at all.

The reason I find this odd is that wherever I go I start to talk like the locals within about 3 days, I come back from the island not only saying things like “I’m away to the shops just now” (I would normally say “I’m goin the shops”) but doing it in a highland accent.

Anyroad up, me and K went to our fave pub/foodery last night and each had a large slice of cows bum. It was very nice and K looked gorgeous.

I was up at 05:45 again today ready for work at 06:45, I shall sit here hoping you lot update so I have something to read, then at 19:00 tonight I finish until Weds night. Yippee!

I have a few plumbing jobs booked in for the next few days but nothing too stressful, I’m looking forward to a lie in tomorrow.

I have a strong urge to hear “California” by joni mitchell

Todays handy hint…. Don’t bite straight into microwave bacon! Tis toooooo hot!

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