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sniffly civilly

Well thanks for all the comments, I don’t know what miller lite has done to y’all lot but its definitely NOT the lager of choice for you lot!

I drink it now and again coz its cold and refreshing and most of all, doesn’t turn me into a wobbly drunk after a few cans, I much prefer lagers like Stella tortoise and Kronenburg but They are just too strong for everyday use.

At one time I used to drink real ales such as “befuddles old and violent” or “egberts monkey phlegm” but as I get older I prefer a, cold beer not room temperature and b, remembering where I have been the night before.

Today I have a cold, and as I am a bloke it is of course certain to be the worse cold that any person has ever had. So I spent a lot of today snuggled up in bed. Then I went to do a job on my way to work (don’t forget I currently have 2 jobs. Computer support and plumbing wot a combo) and when I got there my battery died, So after much sparking of jump leads I got to work and parked at the top of a big hill ready for a bump starting session in the morning.

I have also been doing something SO geeky today that I refuse to tell you what it was, normally I wear my geekness with pride. But this is too far over the edge. It’s so geeky that even tank-top wearing anorak train spotters would sneer at me in a superior way.

So I shall sit here for 12 hours and snuffle through the night. The weather mad sez we might get snow over night, I doubt It will come to much though, I dong think I’ve seen a half descent snow fall in these parts for about 8 years. All we ever get is a dusting, about the same amount that Mr Kipling puts on his Victoria sandwich cakes.

Gonna do work

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