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a list of stuff

Nope! not telling coz its too much fun me knowing my secret geekyness and you not, but thanks for the comments.

I made a list.

1, pumps not plimsolls

2, pots not dishes

3,settee not sofa

4,living room not lounge

5,wash house not utility room

6,a brew not a cuppa

7, a brave new world not 1984

8,soup in a bowl not in a mug

9,not waving but drowning

10,red not crimson

11,boiled eggs not fried

12,briefs not boxers

13,zips not buttons

14,gloves not mittens

15,science not “new age”

16,change not stasis

17,frosties not cornflakes

18,mugs not cups

19,blinds not curtains

20,fountain pen not biro

21,asimov not tolkien

22,peas not beans

23,day not night

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