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back again

So why no updates I hear you cry, Well to be honest its all been too grim, Its been a rotten week and its all been my fault (as usual).

I have thoroughly pissed K off to the extent where she would of quite happily “handed me the pink slip” as Bertie Wooster would say. We are getting on OK now but the underlying issue remains unresolved.

The loop goes ----- upset k---- feel bad about it-----upset k again----get angry coz cant do anything about it---- upset k.

So I ended up hauling my bum out to the pub on an unaccompanied binge, got home pissed (yeah, dunc that’s gonna help). Made a twat of myself went to bed.

Woke up feeling hungover but somewhat better, less like I was going to explode, more ready to try and deal with stuff.

So K has gone to see her SIL for a meal/walk/wine etc so no doubt my ears will start to burn sometime soon. I’m going to have to stop doing these 80 hour weeks I’m too old I cant cope. The plumbing business will have to fit around my “day” job until the wankers make me redundant. This might leave me some time to practise being human.

So a summary, not good but getting better.

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