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i wanna banjo

I did very little work last night, Instead I found a web site that has hundreds of out of copyright books to read online, its quite good because you can size the font, set the colours etc to make it easy on the eye.

I sat annoying my colleagues by giggling lots at “three men in a boat” not many 100 year old books have the ability to make me laugh out loud, but I recommend you go and get it, sitting on the loo may be advisable for the weak bladdered.

K had a nice time with SIL and as I thought, I was (in her own words) “pulled to bits”, She is a bit tired tonight after having been dragged through the Lancashire countryside by 2 large black Labradors.

A small rite of passage for my boy child today, He assembled his very first flat pack piece of MFI furniture without any help from his old dad, so thats me just about redundant, I wonder who did all the swearing for him?

I just got back from lunch, I had tomato soup, it was very nice. Unlike this entry which is very dull.

I just took 2 sudafed cold relief tablets, not because I have a cold but because they will help to keep me awake through the night shift.

Of the 6 previous paragraphs, 4 began with the word “I”, self centred bastard.

I want to learn to play the Banjo, they sound nice, not when being chinka-chinka-chink thrashed , but when being picked. Quote from Billy Connolly’s list of things you will never hear…

“whose is the Ferrari ? “

“it’s the Banjo players”

I just read a diary (lost it now so sorry, no cred where due) where someone vomited with fear. I once vomited with fear. It was on a climb up a frozen waterfall my hands hurt so much with the cold and I was out of my depth, so I up-chucked and it steamed for a few seconds then became ice itself, a Scottish vomitcicle .

gonna go see the doctor tomorrow, perhaps he knows how to help.(not about the banjo silly!)

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