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its going dark now

I went to see the doctor this morning, she was very nice but more or less said that if you spend most of your time working, don’t sleep well and don’t do any exercise it’s pretty much certain that your health goes tits up. Which I knew really, I think I was hoping for some kind of panacea.

Last night I couldn’t sleep coz it felt like there was a blowlamp in my stomach and a furry cat on my feet. In fact there was a furry cat on my feet but the blowlamp was imaginary.

Its all been frantic at work because some server went down and all the mardy-arsed biggo bosses can’t read their emails. Such terrible cases of “graph-dependency withdrawal” has never been seen, I might sketch up some pie-charts to save them going cold turkey (turkey pie?)

Anyway I think I shall take K out for a meal in the pub tonight, where I shall reveal my cunning plan to get me back on the road to sanity. It will involve loss of earnings but fuck it.

I just finished a quite interesting book about “the English” which rattled on about many things but the main conclusion was that we don’t give a shit about other countries because we are still under the impression that we run a large empire.

I disagree really, I think the big problem is that (no disrespect to y’all over in the US) that we are not “European” enough. I mean since the channel tunnel came through we can be in France without getting wet feet. I have no idea where this update is going!

Ok then a list of favourite foods,

1, Cheese on toast made by K

2, frosties

3, roast lamb gravy and spuds

4, cheese butty

5, Curry

6, soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers to dip

7, tomato soup

8, Steak pie

not very adventurous is it? I like pretty plain stuff really, and as for these creations that you see on TV with 2 bits of meat as big a pound coin surrounded by a dribble of pureed guano, well you can keep it.

Television Chefs can fanny about with food all day for me ,since when did watching someone make something become entertainment, its not like you can even taste it, its like watching oil paintings on the radio, it doesn't work.

I don’t see any great rush to film bricklayers at work, so why chefs?

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