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anyone for shifts?

I promise this will NOT turn into yet another whinge-fest. Its been a few days since I updated and I’ve been doing some thinking, Things are still a little strange at home, all still because of me.

But I’ve decided to try my very best to be more positive, more determined to sort out all the things in my life that have resulted in me feeling “beaten down”.

The nub of this is that instead of just sitting feeling miserable. I’m going to make things better. So it’s a concerted effort to shake off what I can only describe as a feeling of “ennui” that has smothered me over the last couple of months. The only bad thing is that I’ve brought K down with me.

Anyway I’m hoping that things will be on the up soon.

Over the weekend Boo once again didn’t come to stay with us important Valentines day date with the boyfriend. He bought her a pair of bright red converse all-star clones which she is very pleased with. Mind you I think he could have bought her sugar coated dog poo and she would have been pleased. That’s loves young dream for you.

Noodle came and did a job with me on Sat, and bloody useful he was too, I only had him doing fetching/carrying type stuff but he did it diligently and was polite to the cust, wiped his feet etc. So I told him we will make a regular gig of it and I will pay him ( I shall of course prepare him for the outside world by paying him a pittance, only kidding).

Its now 03:00 and I’m freezing! It seems to be a function of my body to go cold at this time regardless of the ambient conditions.

I have requested to stop working shifts, for what its worth. I have to find a replacement before I can come off them. Nobody else wants to play. Even though we get paid an extra 30% for doing them.

Oh well, never mind.

I have a cunning plan……………

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