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who pulled the plug out?

Nothing to say , no more to add, its been a long time since I scared myself. I used to do things to scare myself a lot, climbing rock routes that were just inside my capabilities. Learning to paraglide,ice climbing, I tried a static line parachute jump (which scared me the mostest), I’m just wondering what to try next.

The things I liked to try were where I was dependent on my own skilljudgement rather than just being strapped to someone else who made all the decisions. Learning to fly would be nice but methinks I don’t have enough wonga to pay for it. Maybe another day.

The chaps have the radio on here at work. It appears to be “poodle rock night” I can almost hear the lycra squeaking as the lead singer wails.

Any time now the hoose on the island shall have windows, thinking on we have replaced the floor, the walls, the roof and the doors and windows. So suppose it’s really a new hoose. One day it shall have innards too.

Today was a bit of a milestone for K’s eldest. She went to a disco ightclub thingy in town. They run a none alchoholic gig for 14-15 year old so they can practise clubbing for when they get older. The girly child was given a pre-gig talk re-iterating the drugs/alchohol/horny boys warnings. And to give her her due was at the appointed pickup point at the right time having had a good time, which is nice coz it means that K will be a bit less worried about letting her go next time.

Its been a bit of a mare at work tonight, we have a HUGE datacentre that houses about 350 critical servers, it has more back up batteries than Duracell huge banks of them, like 200 car batteries linked together. Behind them is a one megawatt generator with enough diesel to run for 2 months.

Anyway today the power went off and guess what?, none of this worked… the whole lot just went off. Nothing switched over, the genny just sat there twiddling its thumbs and the batteries powered nothing but the little lamp to say “yup we’re ready to go”

The servers just sat there quietly with no sound but the distant squelch of shit hitting the fan and the chief electrician knotting the noose whilst kicking the chair from under him.

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