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i cant ex-plane

Well first of all thanks to you all for coming back and reading my wotsit, most of all for leaving nice comments, I thought you would all have forgotten about me.

lenarose set me thinking (and K googling) with ďso I smoke a pint of tea a dayĒ comment, once again google won, I was singing the rest of the song but couldnít place it, bugger! (its simon and garfieldsuncle).

Iíve just been reading what I need to do to finish off my divorce, I have a decree-nisi but need a decree-absolute. Only in the UK does the legal system still use Latin, its silly how hard would it be to say ďas leader of the country and chief bush-toady I hereby proclaim we will call the forms FORM1 and FORM 2Ē

See told you I should run the country.

K is having a devil of a time with her oldest daughter child, she has hit 13 in full blown Kevin mode. She isnít muggin pensioners or anything like that, she is just being sour and snappy and expecting the whole world to revolve around her every whim. Anyway I shall leave K to update you on the details coz I donít suppose its proper that I broadcast her probs in my diary.

I just thought it was normal for mothers and daughters to perpetually fight, all the ones I know do ( a bit radical that, but itís the only experience I have)

Today was going to be a bit exciting for me, I was going for a flying lesson in a real plane made of metal with a fan on the front (stop me if I get too technical for you here) as opposed to flying under an inflated bag of washing (paragliding).

But its grey and wet so it got cancelled. I shall try to enjoy the anticipation even though Iím rubbish at that sort of thing (I WANT IT NOW!).

I would have done this earlier but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will like it too much and sell my children for lab experiments to finance it.

Right, Iím off for a walk. As part of my getting better I have allocated 2 hours per day to cleaning the house (loud music thumping makes it hardly a chore) and 2 hours walking about outside.

We have a man in a brown trenchcoat (fully buttoned up, belt fastened) and trilby hat that walks the streets muttering constantly to himself.

I shall I think, go and get myself a copy of ďmuttering for dummiesĒ

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